It was sunset as I was arriving in a delightful neighborhood to check out a new horror interactive theatrical experience, The Willows. It’s produced by JFI Productions, the creative minds behind Creep Los Angeles. I was then given an address for parking, with an email instructing me to meet with a gentleman. Soon our small group quickly filled up to 12 people. We all had no idea what to expect, and this is coming from a guy who went to JFI Productions’ Creep Los Angeles shows.


What happens when the makers of LA’s creepiest haunt deconstruct the murder mystery dinner?

From the creators of Creep LA — this writer’s personal favorite haunt of 2016 — comes The Willows, a 2.5-hour immersive theater piece set within the sinister secrets of the eponymous family. And when we say immersive, we mean it. Audience members will be fully engaged with multiple characters, and may find themselves having an entirely different experience than even those they came with.

There is so much to say about Creep LA's newest production, THE WILLOWS, and, yet I can barely capture the words needed to pump out this review. For me, THE WILLOWS has forever changed what an immersive experience should be. It was satisfying, it was sensual, and, in short, it was personal. 

Let me make this very clear right off the bat; you need to see The Willows.

Over the weekend, I was invited to check out a dress rehearsal for this brand new show from the twisted minds that brought us Creep Los Angeles the past two years. Despite the fact that it was called a ‘dress rehearsal’ and that the crew constantly said it was not at 100% completion yet, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that The Willows is going to blow your mind and change the way you see and experience immersive theater...

For the past two years, CreepLA has been one of my favorite immersive experiences.  Whether I’m in a bar surrounded by characters with hidden pasts and dark secrets, or in a small intimate closet being interrogated by a man who does not speak English, CreepLA always finds the perfect way to make me feel uneasy. They don’t rely on typical scares; instead they create an atmosphere to make the audience wonder what’s hidden deeper. It’s this sense of dread of the unknown that is their specialty...